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Andy has industry experience working in large enterprises and start-ups.  He is the founder of Applied Risk Management Ltd which is a consultancy business serving large and small organisations locally and across the UK.

His career background is in telecoms, IT systems and electronic product design & development, data centres, business continuity and corporate governance, risk and compliance management (GRC).  Andy's technical background complements his experience at senior management level.  Andy is a Chartered Engineer (MIET) and a member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI).

Andy is now an ISO standards auditor and management systems consultant providing professional services to a range of technology businesses.  As an ISO auditor has seen good and bad practices and their consequences.  Being an advocate of Innovation Martlesham he is offering his industry experience to advise and support IM businesses, particularly in the following aspects:


Governance of a business is about defining, implementing and controlling the processes required to achieve the organisation's objectives.  Control is achieved through top management providing direction, decision-making and empowerment. With authority comes accountability.


Risk is the effect of uncertainty on an organisation's objectives. Risk and opportunity management should be at the heart of any organisation to assure compliance and achieve effective governance.


Compliance with legal statutory, regulatory and contractual obligations is mandatory for any organisation.  Ensuring compliance can be challenging for organisations of any type and size so an appropriate management system is required.

Any business that is going through a period of change or growth, particularly rapid growth, needs effective governance, risk and compliance management otherwise it may become unsustainable.

Management systems are best defined and implemented from inception of a start-up so a little bit of advice early in the life of a business is better than addressing issues later on.





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