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Accelleran is a pioneer of Open Radio Access Networks. Our software-driven approach to RAN is bringing immense benefits to the business landscape, enabling a multi-vendor RAN ecosystem that creates greater flexibility, efficiency and reduced costs for operators and private networks.

Accelleran is part of a consortium the “Accelerating RAN intelligence in 5G” (ARI-5G) that has secured UK government funding in a joint initiative with BT, Amdocs, DCMS and West midlands 5G to accelerate Open RAN deployment in the UK and globally.


Accelleran CEO Stan Claes (left) speaking at the 2022 FYUZ event hosted by TIP

Accelleran’s Near Real-time RAN Intelligent controller (RIC) was first launched in 2019 and is a key milestone in the transformation of the RAN network to more open, fully interoperable, and virtualised network.

Accelleran solutions are ready to be deployed and have multiple existing use cases across a multitude of industries including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Construction

Accelleran containerised solutions are fully integrated with orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes. Accelleran has successfully integrated with other vendor’s components of the O-RAN ecosystem (DU, RU, etc) and works alongside systems integrators to deliver complete projects.

Accelleran’s RAN Intelligent controller (RIC), launched in 2019, allows for the control and optimisation of RAN functions, including Accelleran and 3rd party developed xApps that boost network performance, decrease operational costs, and enable new tracking abilities. A RAN intelligence project that demonstrated the value of the Near real time RIC’s interface management feature has been highlighted in a recently published whitepaper co-authored by TIP, BT and Accelleran. This whitepaper can be viewed here.

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Accelleran’s dRAX™ delivers proven virtualized software components to enable real-world deployment of multi-vendor, disaggregated Open RAN, in alignment with the open standards such as the O-RAN Alliance. These Cloud-Native components deliver reliable, cost-effective and scalable solutions for both and 4G and 5G networks. dRAX components cover the key control and resource management functions of the RAN.

Accelleran dRAX™-RIC delivers a truly Cloud-Native near real-time RAN Intelligent Controller as per O-RAN, that enables near real-time control and optimisation of Open RAN elements and resources under its control.

RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller)

Operators and integrators alike utilise dRAX-RIC as a production-ready development platform. It implements AI and Machine learning-based algorithms to enhance the overall intelligence of the RAN.

By leveraging the ever-growing ecosystem of xApps, the RIC is ready to enhance networks across multiple market segments, including in a service-provider environment and private networks.

Private Networks

Accelleran dRAX is a unique approach to combine several key requirements for different verticals that are looking to deploy private networks.

Our solutions are as easy Wi-Fi to install, with IT automation (K8S, Helm, etc.) and virtualisation, including Accelleran xApps for automated install. AI/ML modelled algorithms enhance specific use cases of verticals: Smart Handover, interference management, etc. These solutions have both 4G and 5G support but also can integrate Wi-Fi or any other wireless protocol.

Mobile Network Operators 

Moving away from proprietary approaches is priority for MNOs. Accelleran dRAX solution has a unique architecture to fit any vRAN deployment. With a commitment to a pure software approach, MNOs can leverage that platform to create their own dedicated xApps.

The advantages of this approach are clear: enhanced innovation, multi-vendor and best-of-breed componentry, scalability and reduced TCO.

Neutral Host Networks

More newcomers and infrastructure actors are looking for models to lower the CAPEX and OPEX of their networks. Accelleran vRAN disaggregated architecture allows for building the right distributed approach to locate different RAN components at different levels of the network (MEC nodes, Cloud) and interact with orchestrators to create the needed connectivity for virtual operators and tenants of these networks.

A Cloud-Native and distributed approach to the RAN is a qualifier for realizing these future-proof deployment model. Accelleran has been pioneering with dRAX in this market evolution through several EU projects and initial trials.

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