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Interact uses industry knowledge, leading research and extensive reporting to recommend projects and actions designed to improve data centre efficiency and optimise server estate performance, saving you in terms of energy, carbon and cost.


Industry-leading research
The Interact team has decades of combined experience in the fields of hardware provision and optimal configuration, IT Asset Management, IT Asset Disposition and circular economy, product life extension and the secondary market.

We draw upon this, our world leading benchmark research and our expertise in sustainability reporting and framework management to offer a comprehensive solution that encompasses Scope 2 and Scope 3 carbon reporting, cost reduction and efficiency gains with wrap-around expertise on hardware configuration, software asset management, sustainability and ESG risk management.

Today, Interact’s energy efficiency solutions have been adopted by FTSE 100 companies worldwide. We use our award-winning tool to deliver insight-driven reports that support (OR to inform) operational improvements, hardware performance, sustainability reporting and strategy and cost management to transform your business.

Environmental and Energy Reporting for your Server Estate

Average results from using Interact

Energy Efficiency
Server energy efficiency is based on Machine Learning models trained with the world largest data pool including the entire SERT database and thousands of other benchmarks.

Scope 2 Carbon Footprint
Use phase carbon is estimated for each site depending on the latest C02 emission intensity of the country and region and grid where it is located.

ROI/TCO Analysis
Operational cost forecasts can be presented for anywhere from 1-10 year assessment periods. Electricity, maintenance, repair, licencing and space / rack cost can all be factored in the calculations.

Scope 3 Carbon Footprint
Embodied carbon is also included for servers. Options to choose refurbished equipment or resell existing servers provides reduced Scope 3 impact detailed in the report.

Refresh Recommendations
Over 1000+ configured models are analysed to provide data centres with the optimal server models tailored to their infrastructure and workload needs.

Consolidation/Capacity Planning
Refresh scenarios often result in considerable ability to reduce estate size. On average we see a possible reduction of around 60-75%.

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January 26, 2023
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