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A secure peer to peer (P2P) rental platform: a place where individuals can make money from things they own by renting out their belongings and businesses can share space, skills and stuff to maximise their asset use and profit from it.

The platform also gives Renters the chance to rent anything, from anyone, anywhere saving money in the process too. That is RentMy in a nutshell.


Who came up with this bright idea?

RentMy was originally conceived by Essex based entrepreneur Tom West whose aim is to revolutionise the rental market making a social and environmental impact in the process.

On holiday and staying near a beautiful river he wanted to get back to nature and explore further – hoping to rent a kayak he looked around for a local hire company but drew a blank – whilst walking around the area he saw plenty of kayaks sitting in people’s gardens and thought what if I could rent one of those – and from that initial thought RentMy was born.

Behind every great man there's...

A great team!

Tom has a handpicked and growing team to do all the important stuff behind the scenes, from developing the website to writing content to getting the word out there to absolutely anything to support the RentMy experience!

They are a diverse and mostly female bunch who are all excited to be at the forefront of the rental revolution and are looking forward to watching RentMy grow. They are also looking forward to renting out a few of their own items too and making some extra cash for very well deserved holidays and treats!

What about the environment?

Being able to make some extra money whilst also contributing to a more sustainable way of living – reusing rather than buying new. Less packaging, deliveries and manufacturing – creating a social sharing economy – what’s not to like?

How does it work?

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Address: 8 South Street, Manningtree, Essex
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Phone: 01206 692497

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A Finalist Of One Of The Suffolk Business Awards!
September 13, 2022
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