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Sound Extensions was founded in Suffolk, UK, in 2019 to enhance the audio experience of recorded media, ultimately by making the impossible and inaccessible available to sports and documentary production. Technology and art working together to deliver an immersive audio experience.


The initial aim is to build a small number of innovative demonstrators that will show what can now be achieved when you combine sophisticated software and high-speed networking with a lot of ingenuity. You will hear more from Sound Extensions.

Extended Sound

Over many years, viewers have become very familiar with how media uses sound for sports and outside broadcast. So can audio for live sports be improved or enhanced? Sound Extensions believes that there is a lot of scope for extending the audio that is heard - hence our name! We are building expertise in:

  • Object-based Audio
  • 3D Synthesis of sounds using location, position, orientation and other live metadata, processing samples in real-time utilising RUSS Synthesis
  • Controlling the positioning of sound in a 3D environment

RUSS Synthesis

  • RUSS Synthesis is a way of using samples to synthesize sounds, using a technique called 'Residuals Using Simple Separation'.
  • The technique splits sounds into two parts:
    • a Harmonic part, which contains the frequencies that are harmonically related to the pitch of the sample, and
    • an Inharmonic part, which contains the frequencies that are not harmonically related to the pitch of the sample.
  • Each part can be used in different ways to synthesize sounds.
  • RUSS Synthesis is particularly well-suited to the 3D synthesis of sounds for Extended Sound.

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At a glance

Service options: Synthesized object-based 3D audio
Located in: Martlesham Heath, Ipswich
Address: Room 12, B1 Building, Innovation Martlesham, Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, IP5 3RE, Suffolk, United Kingdom
Hours: 9-6 weekdays
Phone: 07835 799 548

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