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Continuous autonomous flight and secure broadband communication


Tethered Drone Systems (TDS) have created a tethered UAS, the only one fully designed, developed and manufactured in the UK with its innovative capabilities.  With flight ceilings up to 300m, flights duration of 24+ hours and secure high bandwidth data transfers via fibre optics.

This platform offers multiple payload options to meet a variety of use cases.  TDS can provide a continuous on station solution with autonomous flight from a grid or generated power source via the TDS base station with transformed DC power being supplied via the dynamic winch through the lightweight and strong tether to the UAS and payload.


TDS Development

Tethered Drone platforms are designed and built in-house to provide a rugged, flexible and stable platform to deliver numerous 'plug and play' payloads that provide effective solutions to meet varied client needs.  A laptop delivered  dashboard provides the operator with the necessary data inputs plus easy to use telemetry control of the UAS and the payload.  The operator view includes warning symbols and audio alerts to maintain a safe flight pattern, plus a default automated landing sequence should the operator fail to react.

Continuous Flight

Free flying drones dominate the market and are ideal in many situations but not when the situation requires a continuous flight solution of many hours (24+) or even days.  This requires the power enabled tethered drone that is not reliant on batteries onboard the UAS that often provide less than 30 minutes flight time and certainly less than 60 minutes.  Free flying drones rely on Lipo batteries that do not like the cold and although the UAS will fight strong winds this also depletes the battery.

Drone Tether

The light weight and strong tether will carry the DC power to the UAS plus a fibre optic cable providing bi-directional telemetry and payload data at high bandwidth speeds and totally secure. Allowing multiple data streams, including HD video, it is additionally FIPS compliant secure TLS encryption within the fibre optics. No external data capture or jamming to compromise the operational deployment.

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Service options: Design, development and manufacture of tethered drones to provide innovative solutions for many use cases
Located in: UK
Address: Unit 5, Nelson Centre, Portfield Road, Portsmouth, PO3 5SF
Hours: Mon - Fri 0900 - 1800
Phone: 080000588840

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