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Published: October 1, 2018 in
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Sarah Goodwin has over 10 years experience in global marketing and PR. Throughout her career, she has lead a large number of successful campaigns and initiatives, which have included advertising, marketing communications, PR, event management and internal communications for the likes of BT, the London Metropolitan University and University College London, along with a number of small start-up companies.

Sarah has experience in writing and implementing entire marketing plans and campaign proposals for direct to consumer as well as business to business initiatives. She has planned and managed large scale events with hundreds of senior delegates, involving eminent celebrity and political speakers, and has written and implemented internal communications plans, rolled out to over 25,000 employees. She has successfully placed senior figures within the IT sector on the covers of international business magazines, as well as securing verbal PR opportunities in the form of speaker placements at key global IT events.

Sarah is a graduate from the University of the Arts, London, where she gained an MA in Marketing and Communications and a BA (Hons) in Marketing and Advertising.

Banbury Howard is able to offer companies within the incubator expertise in PR, Marketing Communications, Advertising and Event Management.




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