Be part of something truly exciting


Be part of something truly exciting and join the unique ecosystem at Innovation Martlesham. With support from a professional and dedicated team, and with a range of extraordinary resources waiting for you, you’ll find a world of opportunity at your fingertips…

Innovation Martlesham offer an unrivalled set-up for innovative and forward-thinking technology companies. Our ecosystem has a significant membership of globally-located, multinational, SME, scale-up and start-up businesses who each benefit from our collaborative network and the exciting opportunities we facilitate.

Our priority is understanding what’s important to your business, who you’d like to connect with and how we can help propel your ideas today into the innovations of tomorrow.

No matter what size your business is, where you’re based, or what stage of your journey you’re at, Innovation Martlesham can help you achieve your goals.

What you can enjoy from an Innovation Martlesham membership:

  • Access to unrivalled business support to help businesses engage in the right conversations
  • Marketing and communication opportunities to promote your company’s brand and portfolio
  • The chance to work alongside inspiring like-minded individuals
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Access to Innovation Martlesham networking events
  • The possibility to take part in BT Customer Centre events and Innovation Showcases
  • Optional office space and hot-desking facilities
  • Opportunities to be part of the Tommy Flowers Network
  • Potential discussions with the DigiTech Centre
  • Access to Adastral Park and its facilities, such as the restaurant, coffee shop, free parking, Reception and more

Innovation Martlesham are big believers in the idea that making connections that count creates the art of the possible. By understanding what’s important to your business and learning more about your aspirations, we aim to do exactly that. Our dedicated operations team at Innovation Martlesham are a group of professional, dedicated individuals with a good knowledge of the businesses operating in our ecosystem. With a strong desire to support and uplift forward-thinking organisations within tech industries - our aim is to help your business to be part of, and benefit from, the key resources Innovation Martlesham has to offer – and all the networking, mentoring and growth opportunities that come with it.

Innovation Martlesham is headquartered at Adastral Park in Suffolk, UK, and being based here alongside BT’s world-leading research centre, offers an array of possibilities, such as invites to keynote speaker events run by BT and BT Customer Centre events and Innovation Showcases.

Ross building at Adastral Park

We offer a flexible approach to membership and no matter how large or small your business is, where  you're located in the world or how long you've been established, there’s something to suit your needs. For those that want to be physically located alongside other like-minded companies and influential organisations, Innovation Martlesham also offers physical office space or hot-desking facilities at Adastral Park.

Our connections go far beyond the businesses at Innovation Martlesham.  We have links with educational organisations and universities across the globe, government organisations that offer support to business' growth and development, as well as other major tech clusters.

If you’re interested in embracing what Innovation Martlesham can offer, please get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to welcome you to the group and begin exploring different opportunities with you.


Innovation Martlesham is full of rich and unique possibilities - find out how our ecosystem brought two companies together to test a robotic application over a 5G network.

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