We're a collaborative ecosystem full of exciting opportunities


Innovation Martlesham is an ecosystem of high-tech ICT/Digital companies, that offers an unrivalled set-up for innovative and forward-thinking technology companies.

Headquartered at Adastral Park in Suffolk, UK, our ecosystem has a significant membership of globally-located, multinational, SME, scale-up and start-up businesses who each benefit from the collaborative network and the exciting opportunities we facilitate.

We work with the businesses within our ecosystem to understand what's important to them, facilitate connections with other like-minded companies and help propel the ideas of today into the innovations of tomorrow.

No matter whether a company has a physical presence at our HQ, our ecosystem is designed to help them achieve their goals

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We make connections that count for like-minded ICT/Digital businesses and experts

With support and regular engagement from Innovation Martlesham's professional and dedicated central team, and a range of extraordinary resources - our ecosystem provides a world of opportunity.

Events/Networking Opportunities:  These provide Innovation Martlesham companies with regular opportunities to connect with other like-minded professionals in the cluster.

Knowledge Sharing: Our extensive industry channels support businesses within our ecosystem, allowing them to reach a wide audience with a specific interest in the world of ICT and digital business.

Mentor Group and Business Support: The Innovation Martlesham business mentors are domain experts who provide free mentoring advice to companies who are part of our ecosystem.

Brand Awareness Opportunities:  There is the possibility for members of Innovation Martlesham to have their technology or products included in BT's showcase located at Adastral Park.  The Showcase Facility hosts a great number of events every year attracting key decision makers from major blue chip companies and government organisations.

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Our ecosystem gives companies the option to work alongside like-minded ICT/Digital businesses and experts

Members of Innovation Martlesham don't need to be physically located at Adastral Park, but for those that want to be located with other like-minded companies and influential organisations, Innovation Martlesham can offer physical office space and hot-desking options at Adastral Park.

By becoming a part of our ecosystem, businesses join a dynamic and professional community bursting at the seams with knowledgeable experts who have their eyes on the future. Innovation Martlesham provides a unique and exciting range of knowledge and resources, we believe that we can be better together through our extensive ecosystem.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Innovation Martlesham you can find out about our wide range of benefits or get in touch.


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