Space Enterprise Labs (SEL) at Adastral Park

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Space Enterprise Labs (SEL) at Adastral Park are an innovative and inclusive office space that enable the virtual delivery of meetings, business sprints, user engagement spark sessions and other services such as virtual whiteboards and built-in video conferencing, for everyone within the UK space sector, and those wishing to find out more, to use.

As a Satellite Applications Catapult programme, supported Nationally by the UK Space Agency and locally by Suffolk County Council, East Suffolk Council, and the New Anglia LEP, Space Enterprise Labs Adastral is the 13th Lab to open within a network that is a vital component of the UK Space Ecosystem. Stuart Catchpole is the Space Cluster Development Manager, Space East.

This exciting space creates not only a regional base for the growing Space East cluster but a facility which will benefit local businesses and organisations seeking to explore the new world of space applications, unlocking commercial opportunities for multiple sectors including IT and communications, agriculture, logistics, advanced manufacturing, offshore energy and marine science.

Space Technology has applications across all sectors, so Space East works with companies who are already in the sector supply chain, but also those who have expertise, capabilities and assets that could help them to unlock the opportunities that the Space Sector holds. As such, we would like to work with businesses from across all sectors from IT and Advanced Manufacturers to agricultural and energy businesses. The Space Sector is not all about launching rockets or building satellites, there are endless opportunities within the downstream application of space technology and data. If you have an interest, we’d love to hear from you.

Space East has cluster members from across Industry, Academia and Public sector. Our industry representatives come from the widest of sector groups, including advanced manufacturing and engineering, ICT & telecoms, food and agriculture, defence, offshore wind, coastal, marine and bioscience, transport and logistics, health and the visitor economy.

If you’d like to reach out Stuart, he’d be delighted to hear from you:-                                                                                                            07436 140185

PERSONAL PROFILE – Stuart Catchpole, Space Cluster Development Manager, Space East

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Stuart has held senior roles and delivered significant projects in a wide variety of sectors including Advanced Manufacturing, Bioscience, Construction, Education and now Space. Whether it’s developing the commercial and communications strategies for a government funded bioscience research institute, delivering a funding bid to grow an Advanced Manufacturing facility, or promoting what Norfolk and Suffolk has to offer to a global audience, Stuart brings his own brand of energy, enthusiasm and experience to his work.

With a philosophy that ‘it’s all about people’, Stuart is skilled in business support, particularly at recognising potential and adept at bringing together contacts for to explore exciting opportunities, of which there are many in his new role as Space Cluster Development Manager at Space East.



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