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Despite collective progress, the current percentage of female graduates in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) stands at a concerning 26% percent, with the proportion of women in the STEM workforce at just 24%.

Computer science, engineering and technology fields demonstrate the largest gender disparity amongst current students, graduates, and in the workforce (STEM Women, 2021). Here at Adastral Women in Tech (AWiT) we are pooling our resources to help tackle the lack of female talent in STEM.

There are several reasons why women seem to be less drawn to STEM. Lack of representation, along with a poor pipeline, rank high meaning that many girls and young women struggle to see themselves and their future in the tech workplace. This is exasperated by other intersectional barriers such as race, sexuality, and disability. We at AWiT harness the power of representation by providing role models and resources for people from all different backgrounds to feel empowered in the workplace.

We do this by creating an awareness of STEM career opportunities for individuals at all stages of their career in a plethora of ways: from coding clubs, insight days, mentoring, and now in-person networking events. We aim to facilitate knowledge, growth and development to encourage everyone’s journey into tech. Our programs are filled with female professionals within the industry lending their experiences and wisdom to help people navigate the industry both on a personal and professional level. AWiT programs are not limited to females but for anyone who feels they would benefit from them. Whether you’re taking baby steps or strides into STEM, our events aim to elevate the skillset and confidence of students and professionals throughout Suffolk.

We want to encourage anyone who’s involved with the youth of today to reach out. You could be a teacher, parent, community leader, or maybe a local business that’s looking to encourage new talent. You can help tackle the gender gap on a local level by working with us, planting the seeds for a truly inclusive workplace in the future.

Adastral Women in Techs events are open to everyone and anyone so if you’re interested in getting involved or attending our events, please visit or contact us at


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