With such a prestigious science and business park the facilities on site are of a quality that will help attract and retain employees – enabling companies to experience ‘corporate-like’ facilities.

Reception Facility

As a member of Innovation Martlesham, companies are supported by the Adastral Park highly qualified reception team to book in and welcome all visitors to the Park.

AtLAS - Adastral Park Leisure & Sports Organisation

Adastral Park has a thriving community, both for business and leisure. Members of Innovation Martlesham are welcome to join the clubs and BodyTalk Gym that are  part of the AtLAS (Adastral Park Leisure and Sports) organisation membership.  For more information please visit the website and watch the video.

Cash Point

Located in the Hub

Public Transport

Adastral Park is serviced by road, rail and air links.  Further information can be found here.


There are a variety of clubs, which are part of the AtLAS organisation membership. For more information, please visit the Adastral Park Clubs page.

Adastral  Park Social Events

Adastral Park organises social events for the benefit of those working at the Park.   Please see the Adastral Park Website  for details  Adastral Park Website

Big Wheel RTW







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