OXEMS: Innovate-UK Funded Project Delivering Intelligent Infrastructure

Published: September 26, 2018 in

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An OXEMS/University of Birmingham Innovate-UK Funded Project Delivering Intelligent Infrastructure. In 2017, IM Company OXEMS ran a joint Innovate-UK funded feasibility project with the University of Birmingham (UB) designed to investigate the potential of integrating the University developed research into Quantum Technology Gravity Sensors (QTGS) with the existing OXEMS system.

Called Quantum Vision (QV), our principle aim was to increase the short term ROI we could offer clients with the OXEMS system by incorporating the QTGS and the data they provided. The University of Birmingham are one of 5 core Quantum Technology research hubs around the UK with a focus on "Quantum Sensors and Metrology", the other hubs include the Quantum Communications hub at York University where BT is a major industry partner.

During the project it quickly became clear the core QTGS research was still a number of years from becoming a market based 'product' we therefore focused on how the data we could obtain from a QTGS would work with the existing OXEMS system. This in turn led to a definition of a Layered Data Model (LDM) where potentially multiple sources of geo-referenced data would be overlaid to allow analysis using AI/ML techniques in a modularised manner (i.e. according to specific client needs). Market testing used a simple demonstration of how the layering of data could add value, whilst an enhanced version of the existing OXEMS ROI model was created to demonstrate the numeric changes to ROI. The concept was successfully received by all the target water and gas utilities approached and led to a follow on Innovate-UK project, QV2, which began earlier this year (2018).

The focus of QV2 has been on further exploring the LDM and the use of AI and ML with specific data sources including GIS utility maps, OXEMS data, Satellite data, and other survey data available, and to test the findings in not only water and gas but also other potential markets. These markets include the Coal Authority (identifying underground cavities from old mines), Network Rail (monitoring movement of key assets such as culverts, bridges and the tracks themselves), Highways England (monitoring of road and bridge infrastructure) and the creation of new smart communities such as the Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC).

As part of QV2 we also entered a Highways UK competition with the proposals, called the "Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge" we have been successful in being shortlisted for the final pitch day in the "Cost" category due to take place at the Highways UK event at the NEC on 7th November.



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