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Published: October 25, 2021 in

Anritsu is a Japanese company with over 4000 employees which goes back in origins as far as 1895. It has many divisions that cover Test and Measurement, Food Safety, Service Assurance, Security and Optical devices.

The main area that UK Engineers will be familiar with regarding Anritsu is the Test and Measurement Division which covers products for Mobile Networks (Development / Interoperability / Production / Conformance), Communications Networks (400G Ethernet /OTDRs / BERT’s, PIM Testers/ Base station testers) as well as their Anritsu Assurance Products for Mobile Networks . These provide a comprehensive range of test capability for 4G/ 5G/ Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Optical technologies whether it is for R&D or Field I&M (Installation and Maintenance).

Andy Dawes says, “I have joined Anritsu now for my 3rd time over my 33-year sales career and am looking forward to developing the relationship between Anritsu and the IM Team and other organisations within the IM ecosystem"



Andy started life as a RF & Microwave Engineer and then moved in Sales in 1989 at Anritsu funnily enough . He has worked at several different companies over the next 30+ years including Livingston Rental / GN Nettest / Digital Lightwave and Frame Communications always providing test solutions across many different technologies i.e., Mobile, Transmission and Optical. Having the wide range of experience allows me to assist telecoms companies in any type of testing requirements.

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