Putting the ‘human’ Into AI

Published: November 22, 2021 in

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Blue Novation Talks About Workplace Skills & Putting The ‘Human’ Into AI.

“As a training provider amongst a cluster of innovative, high-tech companies at Adastral Park, we have a unique insight into how the 4th Industrial Revolution will shape workplace skills.”

Trudy Sore, Learning & Development Director at IM company Blue Novation, is featured in this quarter’s edition of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Voice magazine, talking about the impact AI and automation will have on workplace skills and the importance of putting the ‘human’ into AI.

As a member of Innovation Martlesham, with an office at Adastral Park since 2013 Blue Novation has seen the demand for tech skills soar as companies increasingly innovate and automate. But matching this demand is a marked increase in the requirement for human, or soft, skills as artificial intelligence becomes better at routine tasks and augments, and even replaces, many workplace roles.

Last year the World Economic Forum identified ten skills that would be in demand in the next few years. A good proportion of those skills fall under the soft skills umbrella - critical thinking and analysis; creativity, originality and initiative; leadership and social influence; reasoning and problem-solving. These are skills that the new tech will not, at least for the foreseeable future, be able to take on.

And to meet the challenge of delivering soft skills training in an age of hybrid work, Blue Novation has been trialling, with support from researchers at the University of Suffolk, the use of embodied virtual reality simulations specifically as a mechanism for the delivery of immersive, experiential training. To read more about Putting the human into AI - Blue Novation

“Virtual Reality training is no longer just for ace pilots and brain surgeons – it has arrived for everyone and organisations should be seriously considering its inclusion in their training programmes.” Professor Nicholas Caldwell, Professor of Information Systems Engineering, University of Suffolk

If you want to change the way you deliver your soft skills training, then Blue Novation would love to hear from you.

Get in touch :  trudy@bluenovation.co.uk

Tel:  0345 11 88 150

Link to Chamber article can be found here



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