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The Innovation Martlesham ecosystem has a rich tapestry of skills and knowledge, contributed to by many of our member companies. Our business team aim to facilitate connections that can make all the difference, by identifying companies who might be able to benefit from each other’s skill sets - especially when a company is developing new products and solutions. 

It's good to get along with your neighbours, it’s even better when they turn out to be exactly what your business needs to translate your innovative business idea into an attention-grabbing proposition. This was the experience enjoyed by IM Companies Maly Software and Downstream Innovation.

Maly Software have been developing bespoke systems for over 12 years and are experts in identifying single points of failure and automating process control. After repeatedly building the same solutions for different customers, Richard Maly, CEO, developed OKUDA - a technology platform designed for creating, implementing, operating and monitoring regulatory compliance processes. But developing software to a client spec is a different beast to marketing your own product.

The Innovation Martlesham business team used their knowledge of the ecosystem to connect Maly Software to the talents of Matt Lawson of Downstream Innovation, and then introduced them both to one of IM's Business Mentors, Andy Mills.

Downstream Innovation help their clients deliver successful innovation by creating compelling propositions. They help start-ups and small businesses identify relevant industry use cases and create powerful demonstrators to attract target customers - turning bright ideas into tangible business benefits. Building on the introductions from the Innovation Martlesham business team, Maly Software and Downstream Innovation jointly went on to enjoy a successful launch of Maly’s new product OKUDA.

Maly now have a successful proof of concept (PoC) running with another within our ecosystem company and are exploring opportunities across other industry sectors such as pharma, food supply chain, cosmetics and financial services.

If you’re a tech-company looking for opportunities to grow your business, please get in touch to find out more about how Innovation Martlesham can help.

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