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Innovation Martlesham was delighted to welcome Alan Nunn – Consulting Director at CGI, Telecoms Expert and Doug Hudson – Consulting Director at CGI, working in CGI’s Space division as guest speakers of IM’s October Breakfast Webinar, presenting “CGI – Innovation in action”.

CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world and works across multiple industries including Energy, Utilities, Health and care, as well as Telecoms and Space and Defence. We have a strong UK presence over 20 offices around the UK, as well as globally located specialist teams and our Innovation Martlesham presence.

Alan and Doug gave an overview of the innovative 5-GENIUS project where CGI have applied skills from the space sector to develop a proof-of-concept hybrid navigation system using 5G signals and that Mobile Network Operators could offer as a value-added service to end users requiring more resilient positioning.

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Alan and Doug are very happy to take your questions.

Learn more about CGI by visiting the Innovation Martlesham website



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Alan has over 3 decades of experience in UK Telecoms, having worked in various roles at BT and as CTO at Newport Networks. Through the years, he has built great experience in developing business strategy and creating road maps for technology solutions to meet the most complex business challenges.

Alan’s current role at CGI is to ensure that our capabilities are matched to the needs of our Communications clients, and to build new solutions to support our clients’ changing requirements. Alan has co-authored “UK Telecoms For Dummies”, an essential guide to the complicated UK Telecoms sector, as part of CGI For Dummies Series.

He is a member of Ofcom Advisory Committee for England, techUK Communications Infrastructure Council and chair of the the techUK Advanced Communications Services Working Group.



Doug is a systems engineer, software engineer, and data scientist, with significant experience in the specification, design, implementation and verification of high integrity systems. For the last 12 years he has been working in the domain of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). He has presented at international conferences hosted by the Royal Institute of Navigation and the European Space Agency, and is acknowledged as one of the foremost technical experts of satellite navigation within CGI.

Doug’s current roles at CGI include building the foundations for a national GNSS threat monitoring capability, and developing a proof-of-concept hybrid positioning system based on 5G and GNSS that aims to provide drones with the resilience and accuracy needed to navigate autonomously beyond the visual line of sight.




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