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Published: August 16, 2018 in

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It seems like a long time ago that responsibility for the Country’s telecommunications fell to the General Post Office (GPO) but there are still people around who can recall that era.  Among those people is Len Dove, 93 years young, who worked for the GPO during WW2 as an instrument maker in one of the GPO’s factories in Holloway, London.  Len’s work focused upon making precision parts for various equipment including, he believes, some that were related to secret activities of the GPO during the war effort.

In May this year, some of Len’s family were visiting the Suffolk Show and the BT Technology Marquee where they spoke to Sarah Mackenzie, BT.   As a result of the collaboration at the Show between BT and IM Company Chronicle Digital Storytelling, a visit was arranged to record and capture some of Len’s memories.  Combining Len’s recordings with images from BT’s Digital Archive, Chronicle has been able to bring a voice to the images and helped preserve some of the important heritage of the company.  Meanwhile, Len and his family have some wonderful memories to enjoy.

Two of Len's stories are available here:

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