Chronos Joins The IM Ecosystem

Published: February 25, 2020 in

Chronos Technology, the UK’s leading resilient sync and timing expert, has joined Innovation Martlesham Business Club,the established high-tech cluster of ICT companies located at Adastral Park at Martlesham Heath in the UK.

Founded in September 1986, Chronos is a world leader in GPS jamming detection and location technology and GPS repeating solutions which many industries rely on to operate safely and smoothly including defence & security, aviation, emergency services, telecoms, finance, utilities and enterprise.

In addition, Chronos has been delivering global synchronisation and timing excellence to these markets for over 30 years; optimising timing in communications networks and enabling our customers to deliver seamless services.  Synchronisation, time and phase are critical to ensure the efficient operation of networks and if not implemented, or indeed implemented incorrectly, it has a negative effect both on consumer experience and profits. Working closely with our customers and their evolving requirements, our team of technical experts provide complete solutions from network design, solution specification, build & test, installation & commissioning and 24/365 support, delivering best performance for communications networks.

“Being part of Innovation Martlesham enables us to showcase our expertise and collaborate with like-minded tech companies; while at the same time make use of the impressive facilities at BT Adastral Park” said Steve Wells, Account Manager with Chronos.  He added “There are approximately 3,000 ICT professionals working onsite within a diverse range of companies including large ICT companies, many of whom are Chronos customers or Chronos has worked with to deliver global infrastructure projects.”

Chronos is headquartered in Gloucestershire, UK. To learn more please visit

Picture (Left to right: Tony Flavin - Strategic Research Manager, Lewis Owen - Sales Executive, Steve Wells - Account Manager)






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