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Published: February 11, 2019 in

Circuitbuilder is a platform to allow engineers and non-engineers alike to build their own custom electronic designs. We'll take your idea, whether it's a paper sketch, physical prototype, or finished schematic, and turn it into a professionally designed circuit board, dispatched straight to your door.

Through our easy-to-use platform you'll be able to see the progress of your design at any stage to ensure there are no surprises at the end! You'll also know how much your design will cost to make with the LiveBOM tool letting you make informed decisions throughout.

Circuitbuilder is a very new company in the process of building both the platform and our own team, and have come to Innovation Martlesham for fantastic business support on offer. We are looking at funding opportunities to help build our MVP, and will be making full use of the mentors to provide their considerable expertise in helping to support us as we grow!

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