Coderus Part Of INEOS TEAM UK’s America’s Cup Campaign

Published: March 13, 2019 in

Coderus is proud to announce a second consecutive collaboration with Britain’s Challenge to win the America’s Cup, supporting INEOS TEAM UK in the upcoming 36th America’s Cup.

The America’s Cup is sailing’s greatest design and sailing challenge, a contest that Britain has yet to win despite 22 attempts in the 168 years since the first event in 1851. Now, backed by INEOS and led by Ben Ainslie -- the most successful Olympic sailor in history -- Britain has a fantastic opportunity to take the trophy.

The team has turned to Coderus for their software and embedded systems expertise to create high-performance solutions, delivering essential data to the sailing crew for a competitive edge during the America’s Cup series. Coderus, based at Adastral Park and a part of the Innovation Martlesham cluster, are team’s newest official partner.

We will be working both locally and remotely with INEOS TEAM UK, to develop the technology that will support smart, fast tactical and strategic decision making out on the water. Coderus successfully worked with the team’s engineers for the 35th America’s Cup to develop the ‘tactical app’ and  understand the demands of this high performance environment.

“It’s terrific to have Coderus back with us and working on the next iteration of our onboard tactical and sailing data solutions. They did a great job last time, and we know that their software expertise and support will give us a performance advantage.” Nick Holroyd, Technical Director INEOS TEAM UK

Mark Thomas, CEO of Coderus said: “We are incredibly honoured to be part of INEOS TEAM UK for a second time in order to deliver high-performance results for such a prestigious race as the America’s Cup. Our last collaboration with the British America’s Cup team provided tech-based solutions to help the sailing crew reach their goal. As official partners we are excited to be a small part of their team at this flagship project for Coderus.”

Coderus are already embedded and working with INEOS TEAM UK on solutions for the 36th America’s Cup campaign.  The competition in Auckland will be tougher than ever before and will demand a technology edge in many areas – Coderus will be there to play their part and bring the America’s Cup back to Britain for the first time ever.

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(From the left to the right: Grant Simmer Britain’s America’s Cup team CEO, Mark Thomas, Coderus CEO, Andy Bryson, Software Engineer)




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