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Muhdo is a next generation health, fitness and well-being ecosystem


Muhdo is a next generation health, fitness and well-being ecosystem. Muhdo technology combines DNA, fitness and environmental data, for an all round health analysis. The system provides individuals with the missing information and tools they require to start improving health and seeing results -- and it’s all delivered on a unique, trailblazing technology platform.


Muhdo is a genomics and epigenomics specialist that provides DNA and Epigenetic testing, and offers an innovative, preventative and customisable digital health solution. The Muhdo proposition is underpinned by our belief that if something cannot be measured, then it cannot be demonstrably improved, and this applies to our health and wellbeing.

The focus on ‘inner health’ over external appearance sits at the heart of preventive healthcare and our DNA and epigenetic testing solutions enable us to measure and monitor a range of inner health metrics, including biological age, hearing, memory, eyesight and inflammation.

Since 2017, Muhdo has been pioneering Epigenetic analysis, which helps each of us to understand our biological age and better predict our future health, bridging the gap between wellness and technology. We have the fundamental aim of decelerating the ageing process and preventing ailments from occurring in the first place.

Our experts are leaders in their fields. They are the brains behind the science, and they are constantly researching new and exciting areas to share with you.

The Muhdo solution is innovative, engaging and provides granular insights into our inner health.

It helps to track and monitor the effects of lifestyle and environment on key health metrics and the ageing process.

The comprehensive action planner within the app will help identify health and lifestyle changes required for optimal health and to reinforce positive and sustainable healthy habits.

Epigenetic testing allows us to measure and quantify progress meaningfully, including calculating a ‘biological age’, which can be reduced over time with improved lifestyle and health behaviours.

As an employer you can adopt the new approach to Employee Wellbeing and discover a Health Screening Alternative focused on Preventative Wellbeing, and encourage behavioural change with actionable Interventions.

  • Affordable, science based health screen alternative
  • Comprehensive, preventative wellbeing solution
  • Company wide self-help solution – applicable and accessible to all employees
  • Worldwide fulfilment direct to employee’s home/ office
  • Improve the lifestyle/ diet/ health of your employees to:
    - Increase productivity/ concentration/ creativity
    - Reduce absenteeism/ presenteeism/ risk of injury
    - Reduce the impact of mental health issues
  • Customisable, anonymised Business Information and Management Insights to support ROI*

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Service options: DNA and Epigenetics Testing, Digital Health Solutions
Located in: UK / Global
Address: Adastral Park Columba House Martlesham Heath Ipswich Suffolk IP5 3RE
Hours: Mo-Fr 09.00 - 17.00
Phone: +44 (0) 1473 232 428

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