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UM-Labs are an unrivalled leader in Real-Time Communications Cyber Security


UM-Labs are set up to deliver advanced creative and innovative technology with new designs and developments that have been thoroughly researched and are for the much-needed security solutions across all IP networks, IP applications and IP content/media traffic. This licensable technology can be used to create overlay services or embedded in EDGE IOT devices on a chip, these capabilities through this innovation and research are developed by UM-Labs scientists (across territories inclusive of HQ UK, war zone Ukraine, Czech Republic) now working ever closer with the defence industry to achieve a faster pull-through of next-generation cyber PIA (protect, intercept, archive) policy and build by design capabilities.


Unicus™ from the UM-Labs R&D group solves the Cyber Security issues across all real-time IP network, applications protecting both management traffic as well as content/media. The design is based on IP standards and is extensible to incorporate new intelligent plug-in modules for new protocols and applications running on IP networks. Unicus run as a native service on any cloud platform with deployment at both CORE and EDGE to protect all IOT devices. Unicus RTC, SVSS and IOT are the technology components that enables the fog of cloud by extending protection from the core to remote network edge devices. Unicus protects data in transit by encrypting all traffic and using Quantum Safe algorithms to secure against future threats.  Unicus Edge protection is available as a tool kit for system on a chip turn-key solution, as a service or as and embedded product implementation.

Unicus UOS

Unicus RTC

Unicus SVSS


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Service options: Unicus as a service or embedded in a system on a chip at the EDGE
Located in: United Kingdom
Address: 2-6 Boundary Row London SE1 8HP
Hours: 9-5
Phone: 020 3021 3200

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March 6, 2024
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