Diometer Kicks Off Flexifarm Project After Winning An InnovateUK Grant

Published: December 9, 2020 in

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IM company Diometer is delighted to announce it has been successful in obtaining a significant grant as part of the I-UK Sustainable Innovation Fund: Round 1 competition.

The FlexiFarm project is aiming to increase the resilience of the important first link in the global food chain, primary growers. COVID-19 has highlighted the need through empty shelves, shortages of food items, logistical issues, and staff shortages. Brexit increases these pressures, whilst climate change, the drive to zero carbon farming, and sustainable farming are all forcing additional changes.

On top of all these, farmers are now facing major disruption as the EU Basic Payment Scheme is replaced by the emerging (but very unclear) Environmental Land Management scheme. Farming is facing a perfect storm.

With this grant Diometer is now able to complete the development of the first version of its Virtual Farming Platform and trial it with a major 10,000 acre farming estate in Suffolk, prior to potential market introduction later in 2021.

Kevin Gooding, Diometer founder and CEO notes: “The grant has not only helped with development and trials activities but by demonstrating the commercial potential it is expected to significantly improve opportunities to raise wider investment in the business."

Kevin continues, "As part of the project we are now recruiting software engineers and would be delighted to hear fro you if you want to join us





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