DoubleMe Placed 1st, $10,000 from K-Global Silicon Valley 2020

Published: February 23, 2021 in


DoubleMe has been named the winner of K-Global Silicon Valley 2020’s 10 million KRW (about $10,000) K-Pitch competition, an annual convention held to acknowledge Korea’s competitive technological advancements in Silicon Valley.

Innovation Martlesham Company, DoubleMe, creator of the social holographic reality platform TwinWorld, attributes their competitive edge to their novel 3D capture system, HoloPort™ the world’s first personal volumetric video capture system.

K-Global Silicon Valley 2020’s K-Pitch, held in the US and China, evaluated 28 companies (14 in the US and 14 in China) to promote their core technologies and services to investors. This year’s theme was “AI: the Revolutionary Game Changer for Post COVID-19 Era.”

In addition, DoubleMe took third prize at K-Global 2020’s I-Pitch (International Pitch) competition, placing third out of 10 companies from 7 different countries.

K-Global Silicon Valley, which has been held annually in Silicon Valley since 2012, was held online this year due to COVID-19. More than 7,000 people attended the online event. K-Global is the biggest IT event hosted by the Korean government.

Read the full story on the company’s website, TwinWorld.



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