DoubleMe To Build World's First Real-Life "Hologram City"

Published: March 9, 2021 in


Innovation Martlesham Company DoubleMe, creator of the social mixed reality (MR) platform TwinWorld, announced their official partnership with a historical South Korean city, Buyeo, to create the world's first "Hologram City."

Through the TwinWorld app, Buyeo citizens can build infinite layers of mixed reality experiences onto the city, creating an entire area that combines the sandbox gameplay of Minecraft with the AR and geolocation applications of Pokémon GO.

"Buyeo once was the capital of Baekje (BC 18 ~ AD 677), an ancient Korean kingdom known for technology and global cultural exchange," said Albert Kim, CEO of DoubleMe. "We're so excited to transform this historic city into the next generation immersive landscape."

DoubleMe will provide mixed reality headsets to Buyeo citizens and host “Hackathons” to create holographic content for the city in 2021.

Once the project is completed, a digital twin of the city will be created through spatial scanning, so viewers from around the world can remotely take a tour of the hologram city through the TwinWorld app.

Read the full story and watch the video on the company’s website, TwinWorld.



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