eGain Corporation joins Innovation Martlesham

Published: December 6, 2021 in

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eGain Corporation, a leading customer engagement software provider, has joined Innovation Martlesham, the established high-tech cluster of ICT companies located at Adastral Park at Martlesham Heath in the UK.

Founded in 1997, eGain automates customer engagement with an innovative Software as a service (SaaS) platform, powered by deep digital, Artificial Intelligence, and knowledge capabilities. eGain is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA with offices also located in the UK (Newbury) and India. We sell mostly to large enterprises across financial services, telecommunications, retail, government, healthcare, and utilities. With our mantra of AX + BX + CX = DX™, we guide clients to effortless Digital experience (DX) by holistically optimising Agent experience (AX), Business experience (BX) and Customer experience (CX). Over 150 leading brands use eGain cloud software to improve customer satisfaction, empower agents, reduce service cost and boost sales.

One of our biggest reference customers is BT – where eGain’s Knowledge platform supports customer service agents in the BT and EE customer contact centres. By using the eGain Knowledge, BT/EE have improved customer experience and at the same time delivered financial savings through reduced training times and reductions in average call handling time.

In addition, eGain has been a standard part of BT’s Cloud Contact Cisco platform from its launch. BT corporate customers are enjoying eGain’s comprehensive contact centre analytics and operational management capabilities provided on the platform. However, eGain can also operate with other voice vendor platforms including Avaya and Genesys which are offered to BT’s biggest customers both in the UK and globally.

Our close partnership with BT means that together we’re able to provide both the communications infrastructure and the technology that organisations need to digitise and innovate customer service – we call this a digital-first approach. We already have a long list of customers benefiting from digitisation in the contact centre and we have great plans for further developments in the future.

Thorough our involvement with Innovation Martlesham (IM) we are looking to build even more relationships – collaborating with BT and partners to develop new approaches to exploit Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). For example, using historic data and machine learning to continuously tune and optimise customer engagement, customer experience and business outcomes for voice and digital channels.

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