Electronics Computers & Systems Joins IM

Published: August 22, 2017 in




Electronics Computers & Systems (ECS)  has over 25 years of experience in providing, developing and integrating software systems at a fixed price for companies of all sizes. ECS offers Business Process Re-engineering, Requirements Mapping, Rapid Systems Development as well as Legacy Systems Enhancement and ongoing in-service support.

In ECS’s early days the company focussed on the mission critical systems used to manage telecommunication networks. They have used these skills to develop cost effective elegant solutions to real and complex business problems in other sectors, including for SME’s - delivering them at a fixed price.

Company MD Kirit Bedia first came to Adastral Park after graduating in 1985, working as a senior software developer and designer for BT’s network management division. In 1992 ECS was founded and 25 years later he has returned to set up an ECS office and to continue growing his company.

“It is fantastic to be back in Adastral Park – it feels like coming home again! ECS is delighted to be part of Innovation Martlesham and we are very much looking forward to bringing exciting opportunities to the hub and working with other companies.”





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