Extend Robotics Joins The Cluster

Published: October 18, 2019 in

IM is very pleased to welcome Extend Robotics to our cluster. The core of Extend Robotics is to develop human-AI interfaces for robots. The problem of the state of the art robots is that their behaviours are handcrafted and fine-tuned for a specific task in a constrained environment. Thus it is hard to deploy them in complex real-world tasks. At the same time, fully autonomous robots pose threats to our society due to the lack of effective human control and supervision.

Extend Robotics augments human intelligence with machine intelligence to develop superhuman flying robots, and form an ecosystem to rapidly advance the scalable AI in robotics under human control. Our unique drone platform can fly and perch on structures and perform remote manipulation in confined high spaces. It is a physical avatar that can be controlled intuitively through virtual reality interface over 5G internet. By offering human-level dexterity at zero risk, it is a perfect tool to help industrial operators to perform installation and maintenance tasks in hard to reach confined high space. So that they can get the work done safer, faster and cheaper.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr Chang Liu said "We are extremely excited to join the unique community of Innovation Martlesham. And looking forward to innovating together and exploring use cases in telecom infrastructure together with BT and other leading companies. We are really keen to collaborate with other technology companies in the park. Please contact me for any inquiry on chang.liu@extendrobotics.com"

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