Extend Robotics Partners with RARUK

Published: March 9, 2023 in

Extend Robotics’ AMAS Human-Robot Software Now Listed By New Distributor Partner RARUK

IM Company Extend Robotics, a leading software provider for human-robot collaboration, is excited to announce a new distribution partnership with RARUK Automation.

As part of this partnership, RARUK will list Extend Robotics' Advanced Mechanic Assistance System (AMAS) human-robot software, making it easier for customers across the UK to access the latest innovations in robotic software.

The AMAS software platform is a powerful solution for improving human-robot collaboration in a variety of settings. The software enables robots to work more effectively alongside humans, making it easier for them to adapt to changing environments and perform complex tasks. The software provides advanced real-time motion control and recording and replay capabilities, making it possible for robots to execute tasks with precision and accuracy.

AMAS is an ideal solution for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and more. The software can be customised to meet the unique needs of each application, and offers a range of features for improving productivity, safety, and efficiency.

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