Facts and Dimensions Ltd Includes Covid19 Data To Its Catalogue

Published: June 18, 2020 in

Facts and Dimensions Ltd, owned by Filipe McManus, part of the Innovation Martlesham collaborative ecosystem based at Adastral Park, has been busier than ever since lock down began. The company processes publicly available data and puts it all in a massive SQL database for all their customers to use. They have since added over 50 data-tables covering all sorts of COVID19 data across all of the UK and also across the world.

Facts and Dimensions Ltd, supply to many NHS organisations and click here to read the NHD Covid-19 Data Store article.  The company is very pleased that many major Business Intelligence Companies have started relying on the data Facts and Dimensions offer. Tom Binstead, Director of Strategy & Analytics, Dr Foster said: "We use the Facts and Dimensions data for internal referencing purposes and in combination with health and care data to enhance the analytics we produce for our customers. Having such a rich source of public data in one database saves us a huge amount of time downloading the datasets ourselves and also enables us to provide additional insight to our customers”.  Example of Dr Foster usage:

Facts and Dimensions have also designed an apprenticeship programme to take on apprentices who eventually will be able to build and get the best from database technology.  The programme starts with how to load information into a database from the simplest types of documents to dealing with more complex sources of information such as spreadsheets where the information is constantly changing. Being able to do this kind of work for individuals within an organisation who are responsible for business intelligence makes life less painful



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