How IJYI Respond To The CoronaVirus

Published: April 23, 2020 in

IJYI, a recent member of our Innovation Martlesham ecosystem, has been sharing how the organisation prepared for and are operating throughout Covid-19.   Tune into a video made by Chris Pont, CEO IJYI, as he speaks about the new working practices and benefits of early preparation being able to provide them with business continuity.  

In IJYI’s podcast mini-series, topics covered include the strength of the tech sector in the East of England, an overview of the Tech Nation Report and how the Tech Sector is well placed to cope and help other industries to cope with the challenge of working through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since 2014 IJYI has grown rapidly and expanded their services portfolio to include software delivery, DevOps consultancy, cloud consultancy and their five day product design sprints.   Their next on-line workshop for business owners and decision makers (to help explain how bespoke software and cloud technology can drive business profitability by giving your business a competitive advantage) is taking place on 14th May.    The aim of the workshop is to provide an in-depth knowledge of how you could start looking at building a platform that meets your business process using Agile development techniques as well as an understanding of what “the cloud” is and some of the concepts that support it.  Justin Grainger, CFO,  IJYI, will then look at various financial incentives and benefits such as quick return on investment, accounting practices with regards to seeing software as an asset, and loans and innovation grants available.

IJYI are Gold Microsoft Partners across a range of software development, cloud and data competencies as well as AWS partners and employs a dedicated, talented and creative team of Developers, Quality Analysts, Project Managers, Architects, Trainers, DevOps consultants, Business Analysts and Agile Coaches who all work hard to help global brands achieve the best possible outcomes for a range of complex IT projects.



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