Innovative portable medical scanner

Published: January 10, 2022 in

Heatley Consulting is developing innovative portable medical scanner.

Strokes are the 4th highest cause of death and the highest cause of long-term invalidity in the UK. About 110,000 people experience a stroke each year and some 1M people are already living with the consequences. The treatment and rehabilitation for these patients, including social care entitlements and the loss of productivity in the workplace, costs the NHS and UK economy around £26bn annually [source: Stroke Association, State of the Nation, Stroke Statistics February 2018) and this is rising.

Heatley Consulting is developing an innovative new, portable medical scanner that will help to dramatically reduce these costs by enabling stroke patients to be scanned more promptly at the site of their emergency. That will greatly improve the outlook for stroke patients and reduce the number who require costly rehabilitation and long term care after their stroke.

For more info about Heatley Consulting please visit their website:

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