How telcos can benefit from 5G and the edge

Published: November 25, 2021 in ,

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5G and edge computing are game changers for telcos. Every successive generation of technology has a multiplier effect. 3G launched the smartphone market, while 4G boosted streaming and social media, leading to the dominance of Facebook, Google, and Netflix.

5G is a paradigm shift allowing telcos tomonetize capex on network infrastructure, unlike 3G and 4G which were leveraged by OTT companies. From the centralized hardware architecture of 4G, 5G provides decentralized software-based, cloud-native architecture. This shift enables telecom operators to explore new revenue streams, in partnership with system integrators.

Subi Kapoor and Sreekanth Sasidharan of Infosys presented a webinar on ‘Unlocking The Full Potential: The Future of 5G and Edge’. The telecom experts discussed how telcos can vertically integrate 5G and the edge for applications across industries such as automotive, healthcare, media, and retail.

Key highlights

  • The road map for 5G can be divided into three horizons: 5G network infrastructure deployment, enterprise monetization and fixed mobile convergence, and multi-access edge-enabled low latency services. Countries will have different timelines for their 5G journey.
  • Telcos can reinvent themselves from enablers to end-to-end players in edge through multi-access edge computing (MEC).
  • The 5G ecosystem has new standards: Open RAN, Telecom Infra Project, Open Networking Forum, and Open Networking Automation Platform are driving software-defined, orchestrated open standards.
  • 5G platforms are flexible, open, and cloud-native. The 5G ecosystem is a combination of hyperscalers, platform providers, and niche service vendors.
  • Infosys has developed 5G use cases such as a private 5G network for a leading auto manufacturer in Europe, enabling smart manufacturing and autonomous factory vehicles. Infosys is partnering with telcos to build, integrate, and accelerate an end-to-end 5G ecosystem.


PERSONAL PROFILE -  Sreekanth Sasidharan is an AVP and Senior Principal Technology Architect at Infosys Ltd and is a global leader in next-generation network architecture and consulting. He is the Technology Practice Lead for Next Generation Network Engineering (SDN, 5G, Edge, Network Automation and Open Networks) architecture and consultancy. He is also responsible for partnerships with industry bodies and organizations to define standards and co-create innovative solutions to support network transformations. He champions open source and open network adoption, and has helped rollout carrier grade open source solutions for supporting next generation networks for multiple operators.

PERSONAL PROFILE - Subi Kapoor is a senior executive with over 25 years’ experience in positioning, shaping and transforming technology driven initiatives across multiple countries. He works with senior leaders in telecom & cable companies to drive their digital transformation through cloud native and 5G technologies. His specialties include IT Strategy, Program Management, Business Development, General Management, IT Management, Off-shoring/Outsourcing, 5G, Cloud Native, SDN, NFV, Telco Cloud, Service Assurance and DevOps








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