ICHU Joins Innovation Martlesham

Published: April 16, 2020 in

Innovation Martlesham is very pleased that ICHU (I Can Hear You) has IM. ICHU is very excited to be at Innovation Martlesham. The proximity to so many great tech companies and highly skilled people makes it a perfect choice for us. Not only is the location of Martlesham Heath in Suffolk home to voice engineering and telecoms in the UK, it is also home to our CEO and – after a long time away – he is very happy to be back.

ICHU is a new initiative, focusing on improving the way that people communicate, using the oldest tool of all – voice. Speech Intelligibility is a growing challenge in voice communications – around 14% of adults globally have some impairment in the speech frequencies, leading to poor experience and the loss of precious minutes of time talking to our loved ones and colleagues.

Add background noise to mix, and understanding what is being said becomes even more of a challenge. We want ICHU to make a difference to as many people as possible, by becoming the de-facto standard for Personalised Speech Intelligibility, working with telco operators to make the solution as accessible as possible for as many people as we can.

ICHU is the brainchild of our CEO, ex BT voice network designer, Tim Osbaldeston. After leaving BT in 2008, Tim has spent the last 12 years in Stockholm and Berlin, in senior product roles for major Telco vendors and several Startups. He led highly successful Product groups in Converged Communications, IoT and Hearing Technology before starting ICHU. Tim is joined at ICHU by talented professionals in technical leadership and research – more details to follow.

To learn more about ICHU please contact Tim.




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