IM Companies Delighted To Be Part Of AI Festival

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Innovation Martlesham is a cluster of over 150 high tech ICT/Digital companies many of which use Artificial Intelligence (AI) within their solutions already and many more who are keen to understand the art of the possible that AI can bring.

Backed by BT and Orbital Global an AI Festival was held at Adastral Park, home to Innovation Martlesham, in February 2021 that explored the implications for business, skills & employment in relation to what could be the defining technology of the 21st century. Suffolk is one of the world’s most prolific locations for patented AI innovation and IM Companies Condense Reality, Contact Engine, Cortexica, Circuitbuilder, Diometer, Inawisdom, Quatreus, Rainbird, Stratis Security and Vyntelligence, were key elements across the two day programme.


(Pictured: Robin Meehan)

Robin Meehan, CTO, Inaswisdom says, “It’s great to have the opportunity to be involved in the AI Festival and virtually rub shoulders with an impressive line-up of speakers from across industry and academia. The virtual festival gives us the chance to share the incredible growth of AI in the world today and discuss its impact in the consumer space”.

Robin observed that a key theme was the interest in the increasingly-blurring line of "am I engaging with a human or a machine?" in customer service interactions and the varying willingness to accept an automated alternative to humans. There was broad agreement that accelerated adoption of AI and machine learning in all aspects of the consumer experience was now a necessity for organisations, if they want to "stay with the pack" and remain competitive in terms of their ability to scale their business operations whilst also delivering a superior customer experience.

For more information or to contact Inawisdom, please get in touch at


ContactEngine is pioneering Proactive Conversational AI around the world. Around 90% of brand engagement is reactive, with 50% of those engagements being as a consequence of an earlier issue that was not resolved. Proactive conversations offer a solution to this problem. By beginning the conversations the intents used to reply are restricted and ContactEngine, using in-house AI, are able to automate up to 95% of all conversations to resolution. CX rises as costs come down with the efficiency gains delivered. Mark is passionate about the next stage of development in human-like conversation – especially multi-intent understanding (‘I want this, that and the other’) and also the innovative Human-Computer Rapport approach whereby each earlier conversational exchange with a customer informs the next engagement.

(Pictured: Professor Mark Smith)

“The passion I have for technology in all its forms must always be tempered by using technology for good. The huge advances in Natural Language Understanding of recent years have allowed companies like mine to do things we could not have dreamed about even a decade ago, but the advances come with responsibilities to pass the ‘red-faced test’ in using AI in the right way, that is both explainable, ethical and above all useful to society” says Professor Mark K. Smith, CEO ContactEngine.


James Duez, CEO Rainbird, introduced the Intelligent Automation space and role that the Rainbird Platform is playing in automating "complex decisioning” that is usually reserved for humans. He makes that point that Machine Learning (ML) is an analysis technology that is not readily explainable and therefore not suited to automation use cases. On the other hand, traditional decision-trees are “too simple” and not able to handle complex scenarios. James then demonstrated The Rainbird Studio, a powerful visual tool that enables experts to model their knowledge and turn it into automation tools. He explains this through a compelling case study where Rainbird built a COVID19 Risk Assessment tool that went from concept to live deployment in the NHS in just 8 days, of which 5 were getting it clinically approved!"

(Pictured: James Duez)

“It’s great to have the opportunity to speak at this event” says James …. “this is a crucial time for all businesses and it is critical that leaders know how to separate AI fiction from AI reality. The Intelligent Automation subset of AI is about being hyper-efficient, but it also enables a whole new generation of AI-powered digital products and services for customers. There is no better time to debate the importance of choosing technologies that we can understand and trust to transform our businesses.”

James is always keen to speak to those interested in this space and Rainbird runs a Startup Development Programme where they offer their technology for a fixed price to start-ups. His email is or sign-up not the website for more information


Mayank Sharma, Chief Data Officer at Vyntelligence (pictured above) says "It was a pleasure to present a showcase at the AI Festival 2021 and speak about the thoughtful application of AI, specifically using Video and other unstructured data, in the context of helping enterprises implement their workflows safely and efficiently”.

(Pictured: Mayank Sharma)

"Despite the constraints on travel, the organizers have put together a fantastic programme of thought leaders and innovative companies. The AI Festival has grown in stature as one of the highlights on the AI event calendar. We at Vyntelligence wish the organizers all the very best and look forward to continued engagement in spreading the word on how AI can be part of the enterprise toolkit for digital transformation."

The areas that Mayank talked about during the AI Festival are as follows:

  • Vyntelligence seeks to transform complex Analog Work through smart data capture and AI-powered insights - to empower frontline workers, customers and back-office personnel.
  • A new kind of guided Video/multimodal data capture is needed to get the work done. People have gotten comfortable with video - but there is a need to guide what they should capture.
  • Data capture that is tailored to outcomes makes AI more accurate and allows one to harness human-in-the-loop expertise and drive business outcomes.
  • A precise application of Computer Vision, NLP and related ML technologies allows for impact on multiple workflows. For example, driving work compliance through video analysis. Or providing visibilities into key risks through keyword categorization models.
  • By enabling proactive risk assessment workflows, enhanced customer experiences or simplified remote inspections, Vyntelligence helps achieve sustainable innovation.

If you’d like to learn more please make contact by  emailing or


Kevin Gooding, Founder, Diometer, was part of a panel during the Agriculture Workshop that took some thought provoking questions. He says “Interest in AI in agriculture is clearly growing and it will undoubtedly help address the major pressures faced by farmers.

Agriculture is changing fast with farmers facing major pressures from climate change, changing subsidy regimes, and the broader environmental and sustainability drivers. These are already leading to increasing use of new farming methods such as minimum tillage, controlled environment agriculture, vertical/urban farming, and the changing use of cover crops to name just a few. When adding in the rapidly emerging new technologies driving automation in particular, with AI and robotics leading the way, plus the need to provide integrated data solutions for these and other reasons, it is clear farmers are facing a perfect storm. The timing is now for AI in agriculture.

Kevin can be contacted via, or @DiometerKG

(Pictured: Kevin Gooding)


CircuitBuilder was lucky enough to be given a slot to pitch at the AI Festival, and this was the perfect place to talk about thier new product, EdgeSense.  The aim is to simplify the process of deploying EdgeAi solutions across a wide range of industries.

“It was great to be able to pitch alongside some other really exciting companies, and nice to know how much AI expertise there is in the East Anglia region!” says Angus Thomas, Founder, Circuitbuilder.


Members of Innovation Martlesham, Quatreus, were responsible for the technical delivery of the AI Festival.

Jamie Hazelwood said “We were delighted to be entrusted with such high profile activity - particularly given the complexities of stitching the dynamic content and multiple streaming services together – and great to be delivering another successful event from the Hybrid Studio at Adastral Park.

Our thanks again to all those involved and particularly the support from Lisa Perkins and her brilliant team.  We are looking forward to the next one!”

(Pictured: Jamie Hazelwood)




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