Circuitbuilder Wins Grant Funding

Published: April 4, 2019 in

Circuitbuilder are proud to be awarded a grant from Innovation Bridge to fund the development of their new web platform.

Circuitbuilder recently joined Innovation Martlesham and are developing a web-based platform to allow engineers and non-engineers alike to build their own custom electronic designs. We’ll take your idea, whether it’s a paper sketch, physical prototype, or finished schematic, and turn it into a professionally designed circuit board, dispatched straight to your door. Through our easy-to-use platform you’ll be able to see the progress of your design at any stage to ensure there are no surprises at the end!

We secured funding to build the 'MVP' platform which will allow us to test it out on real-world projects and to validate the idea. Once we have successfully done this we aim to scale up the team to include additional engineers and offer an even more comprehensive service!

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