Sketchbook Games’ debut title Lost Words Wins !

Published: June 20, 2018 in

Innovation Martlesham company Sketchbook Games’ debut title, Lost Words, is still in development, but that didn’t stop the demo from winning the Indie Prize Award for Best Kids and Family Game at Casual Connect London 2018 on the 31st May.

Featuring a story by renewed game writer Rhianna Pratchett, Lost Words is a fabulously creative game that will pull you into the fantasy world of Estoria and the diary of its young creator, Izzy. To retrieve the sacred fireflies and save your village, you will have to use the power of written words to make choices and solve puzzles that block your path. But when a tragic event turns Izzy’s life upside down, the world of Estoria will change to reflect the challenges she’s facing in the real world. Casual Connect is a game development event that is held all around the world at locations like Berlin, San Francisco and Singapore, and provides education on all sort of topics, including business development and social media, to a vast audience of game developers. You can discover more about Lost Words on Facebook:




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