IM welcomes Random Colour Animal

Published: August 1, 2021 in

Random Colour Animal is a creative agency, specialising in brand marketing and communications. We create, grow and evolve brands to build strong lasting relationships with people across all touchpoints in the customer journey.

We are experts at communicating brand vision, leading creative, building identity and culture, and executing consistently across every channel. We deliver strategic brand consultancy and design execution for sports, media and gaming companies around the world. We honestly believe that you won’t find a deeper understanding of the global landscape and how to drive customer engagement in one place.

Our implicit knowledge of sports, media and gaming markets, and the North American audience, drives engagement and conversion across the customer lifecycle – from novice and casual to VIP and super-engaged users, and in an array of environments. Our team of brand experts with over 120 years’ collective experience deliver brand strategy projects across a range of sectors nationally and internationally. Collectively, we have worked with multiple major B2C and B2B brands from global giants like Manchester United, Ikea, Samsung and Sony to NBC Universal, Adobe, Microsoft, PWC and IBM.

Our clients operate all over the world, and so do we. With projects in over 20 territories to date, we are tuned in to language, cultural, project management and governance as well as engagement practices way beyond our own back-yard –and yours.We are also different to a ‘traditional’ agency. We do things in the right order (not design-first, but top-down objectives-first thinking) –to align brand marketing activity to commercial goals, whether in partnership with your internal teams or as a specialist resource you can plug straight in.

RCA is proud to be part of The Rokker Network, an ecosystem of wholly owned, design-led professional service businesses. The Rokker Network is made up of Rokker, a Management Consultancy business, Pretty Technical, iGaming Software, Operations and Consulting specialists, Skull Mountain, experts in Digital Product Design and Management and Random Colour Animal, our creative agency, specialising in brand marketing and communications. The Rokker network holds the collective strategic objective of delivering opportunity, value, and growth to our clients.

The Rokker Network’s chairman, Andy Rogers, comments; “The Rokker Network is thrilled to be a part of Innovation Martlesham and the wider Adastral ecosystem. Having been involved previously (when we were much smaller) we are now much better placed to support IM and leverage its benefits. We are looking forward to re-connecting to the community there and to build on the great work we are doing for BT.”




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