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Published: December 3, 2018 in

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IM is very pleased to be joined by KETS. KETS’ mission is to secure communications using future-proof, scalable, and easily-deployed hardware solutions. We have developed the world’s first and only quantum secured encryption technologies – from quantum random number generators to full quantum key distribution devices — in an integrated platform. We utilise existing semiconductor fabrication processes to manufacture integrated photonic devices that are fast, efficient to manufacture, and can be integrated with existing electronics.

Moreover, KETS has the only integrated quantum secured encryption solution which meets the challenging size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements demanded by customers.

Jake Kennard, Co-Founder and Technical Sales Director says “Our integrated technology finally enables large scale adoption of quantum encryption in a multitude of different applications that were not accessible before – including defence, telecoms, and critical infrastructure; with end-users from finance, government, and data centres”.

Having been a winner of the TEAC Cohort KETS is very happy to be part of the IM Cluster.   “ We're extremely excited about joining the IM Cluster. Being part of such a diverse array of tech companies and having access to high quality events & respected mentors will support and accelerate our goal securing the next generation of communications'. '



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