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Published: November 2, 2018 in

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Silverback Consultants Ltd bring over 30 years’ experience of matching global innovations with corporate business opportunities and needs.

For the Corporate, we understand and translate their core business drivers to find and bring innovation and start-ups to them, which can accelerate them towards their business goals.

For the Start-up, we are able to understand their offering, translate it into corporate language and take them into key businesses.  In this way, we help them to fast-track the validation of their offering and generate qualified opportunities to accelerate the success of their venture.

Mike Hodgson, CEO says “This makes Silverback Consultants particularly attractive to non-UK start-ups, as we can be local representation, providing maximum exposure to UK corporates, all at minimal cost and minimal risk.  At the same time, we satisfy a gap until a business is successful enough to justify a full-time UK team”.

Mike is very pleased to be part of the growing, diverse IM ecosystem.  Being a phenomenal networker, with a passion for making win: win connections, his experience encompasses being on the Advisory Boards of an early stage VC/Innovation Services Company and of a global mid/scale-up stage VC.

To get in with Mike please visit the website or email Mike Hodgson







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