3Cell Joins Our Ecosystem

Published: May 4, 2021 in

3Cell was established in 2009 and has delivered international telecom projects for operators and vendors over the years.

Since 2015 3Cell supports vendors and operators in the UK. 3Cell has been involved in LTE and 5G network design, optimisation and testing. 3Cell’s technical team has a solid background in Radio Access Network to Core Network Management and Business Consultancy.

Mert Uygun, the founder, utilises his 20+ years of experience in multiple continents with all the telecom vendors to provide network planning, optimisation, project management, consulting services.

Mert’s international project experience has led him to find solutions to support organisations within the telecommunications industry to enhance efficiency and network optimisation utilising the latest technologies, e.g. machine learning, data analytics, customer experience benchmarking solutions.

3Cell has been recognised in social media in relation to our support for RPA solutions in the telecom. Our latest offering uses drones to make precise measurements of cell towers by collecting geolocation data and images to build 3D models. 3Cell is part of UK5G, and we are open to different cooperation opportunities with other telco and IoT companies.

3Cell has always been an early adopter of advanced technologies, and as a team, we believe that no businesses can survive without innovation or adopting new technologies.

Our company is committed to supporting businesses in finding the best approach to address their pain points via the use of technology. With this mindset, we would like to expand our collaborations within the Innovation Martlesham eco-system, and we are very excited to be here.



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