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Published: April 10, 2018 in

enLight is a Smart Cities and Smart Buildings platform, sensors and controllers provider. By upgrading or augmenting existing lighting infrastructure, a wireless mesh network is created that can be used for connecting a portfolio of devices, designed and manufactured here in the UK, to reduce operational costs, minimise energy use or improve the environment.

For Smart Cities, we offer a variety of sensors for monitoring air quality, noise levels, microclimate or water levels as well as measuring road or pavement temperature at a distance, counting and categorising traffic, counting footfall or tracking parking availability. Integrated Bluetooth also enables a number of interesting applications for local authorities such as geofencing for vulnerable people and Location Based Services for high street rejuvenation. Data can be displayed on our rugged and high-brightness LED display to inform and direct pedestrians and traffic, and all data is made available in a management dashboard through our secure and scalable API.

To help Facilities Managers provide better and more efficient premises, enLight makes most of the sensor portfolio available for indoor use but adds a range of controllers for measuring and controlling electrical circuits, integrating legacy sensors and switches, and some specific devices designed to monitor assets for preventative maintenance such as Air Handling Units. The Bluetooth capability built into the radio nodes allows a range of beneficial capabilities such as wayfinding for meeting rooms and other services as well as asset tracking for portable devices. As with the Smart City scenario, internal legacy lighting is upgraded to lower power LED fixtures which builds out the core network and now each new efficiency program can leverage the existing infrastructure investment.

Our core technology is also available to other OEMs who would like to add a resilient, secure and scalable connectivity solution to their current or future product set or they can add a variety of sensing capabilities to their existing offering. We have decades of electronics and power electronics design experience so we could probably help you with your hardware design.

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