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We are absolutely delighted to join the Innovation Martlesham community and look forward bringing more leading technology solutions to IM and its affiliated associations & partners.

GCH was formed in 1993 by three colleagues who came from a specialist distribution company. For the last 30 years GCH have been supplying, supporting and maintaining the latest technology in development & test tools for the IT industry.

Swiftly earning a reputation as a trusted service provider, GCH soon added product sales in the form of the Xgig Fibre Channel Protocol Analyser. The rapid rise of Fibre Channel in the Data Centre meant GCH developed close relationships with virtually all the storage and switch manufacturers across Europe as we supplied FC Protocol Training for engineers new to FC and providing debug services for occasions when engineers encountered hard to diagnose issues.

Over the years, GCH’s product portfolio has grown to include protocol analysers for (Fibre Channel, SAS/SATA, Ethernet and PCIe, NVMe & CXL) as used extensively in today’s high-speed environments, Network Emulators used to develop, test and bring products to market sooner by replicating real world issues for scenarios such as Backhaul / Mid-haul testing of 5G or ORAN from the safety of a lab environment. GCH also provide our clients with a fixed price, (no hidden charges) low cost, high availability cloud solutions powered by Seagate.

Recent solutions are focussed on sustainability and shine an independent, vendor agnostic spotlight on power consumption with use cases ranging from understanding the behaviours of EV Charge Points to power consumption and analysis of a rack of servers or simply determining which coffee vending machine is the most energy efficient.

To find out more please email or contact us at 01628-559980



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