IM Welcomes Skull Mountain

Published: August 11, 2021 in

Since 2016, we have been the UK’s leading Digital Product Management consultancy. We manage products across the full lifecycle - from conception, to profitable growth for a range of clients on a global scale.

In 2020 we decided to add to our traditional consultancy model by also providing product management training. One that has been designed explicitly for enterprise growth and profit, that businesses can quickly and cost effectively roll out across all business functions and better support existing product teams. We have also established a bench of product professionals that can support your team with the skill mountain ‘flavour’ of product methodology. These additions give us the mandate to only deliver you the most impactful IP from our framework and methodology ultimately making our skills and experience more accessible.

Skull Mountain are specialists across the full digital product function: Product Management,Product Leadership, Product Ownership and Project Management. We provide in-house and external consulting services, training, and people.

Depending on what is best for the growth of your businesses, our clients can choose between these three service offerings: Consultancy - where we work with you to analyse and improve your product function whilst helping you drive profitable growth, Training - you would buy which modules you would feel most beneficial and we train your team around them, and People - a well established bench of product professionals that can support your team with the Skull Mountain ‘flavour’ of product methodology.

Skull Mountain is proud to be part of The Rokker Network, an ecosystem of wholly owned, design-led professional service businesses. The Rokker Network is made up of Rokker, a Management Consultancy business, Pretty Technical, iGaming Software, Operations and Consulting specialists, Skull Mountain, experts in Digital Product Design and Management and Random Colour Animal, our creative agency, specialising in brand marketing and communications. The Rokker network holds the collective strategic objective of delivering opportunity, value, and growth to our clients.

The Rokker Network’s chairman, Andy Rogers, comments; “The Rokker Network is thrilled to be a part of Innovation Martlesham and the wider Adastral ecosystem. Having been involved previously (when we were much smaller) we are now much better placed to support IM and leverage its benefits. We are looking forward to re-connecting to the community there and to build on the great work we are doing for BT.”



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