IM Welcomes Vilicom

Published: October 3, 2018 in

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Innovation Martlesham is delighted to introduce you to Vilicom, who join our growing ecosystem. At Vilicom we harness wireless technology, data and intelligent analytics across a diverse range of industries to deliver unprecedented productivity and efficiencies.

We’re at the forefront of innovation in smart wireless solutions, designing, installing and managing the networks that empower people across the world with the freedom to communicate and work from anywhere.

Our capabilities and services have global reach, with our projects spanning over 20 countries and four continents, partnering with some of the biggest companies in the world to help them realise their greatest ambitions.

As critical as the design of a wireless communication solution is its integration. At Vilicom, we specialise in implementing systems into innumerable and varied environments from corporate headquarters to stadiums and arenas. No matter how complex the project, our engineers have the expertise to deliver seamless communications that deliver for our clients and in turn their customers.

Vilicom’s professional range of services are unsurpassed, delivering on time and within budget, using only highly technically qualified engineers are paramount to our continued success.

Special Coverage Solutions & Small Cells:

Our network solutions span the globe, and are integrated into every aspect of life from transport infrastructure, Airports, Stadiums, Shopping Malls, High footfall areas to complex manufacturing.

Design and Optimisation:

We specialise in the design and optimisation of wireless systems. No matter how complex your project, or its implementation, our engineering expertise is adept at developing innovation solutions.

Project Management:

Every project is unique, with specific demands requiring a specific approach. No matter what the nature of your project, our stringent project management process ensures you’ll meet your objectives.

Strategic Consulting:

Across a spectrum of industries, we provide our clients with strategic advice that empowers their business and enhances their reputation. Our experience is unrivalled and extends across diverse areas of expertise.

Testing & Benchmarking:

An effective solution is such because efficient testing and benchmarking supports it. Our approach is based on the belief that if there is scope to enhance any aspect of your wireless communication - we’ll find it.



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