Inawisdom at BT Augmented Intelligence Event

Published: February 5, 2019 in

As part of the Innovation Martlesham cluster, Inawisdom was delighted to be selected to exhibit and speak at the BT Augmented intelligence event.  Held on Wednesday 23rd January at the renowned BT Tower in London, the event provided customers with great insight into Artificial Intelligence, its future and business applications from BT and organisations, such as Inawisdom.

There were a number of key themes discussed by industry experts on the day:

  • Augmented intelligence – how AI can support Customer Experience, Security, Fraud, Supply Chain, Energy efficiency and Predictive Maintenance
  • Human Interaction - Don’t take human sout of the loop, continue to involve them in the process.
  • AI is complex to do - it has a number of prerequisites around data, data science skills, legal, ethical and regulatory challenges, however AI can initiative and facilitate cross-organisational data strategy
  • The future of AI – is it here to stay or just for the winter?

As part of a 5 min ‘Dragon’s Den Style’ pitch Neil Miles, CEO and co-founder took to the stage and explained how Inawisdom helps organisations accelerate their AI/ML adoption as well as enhancing their capabilities and skills. As an expert in the field we spoke about how we strongly believed in “discover first and invest later” and also how we offer our expertise, tools and methodologies to harness and extract market differentiating insights from organisation’s data.Neil AI


It was great to hear from companies about their challenges and experience with AI.  We discussed the phenomenal opportunities for businesses and demonstrated many ‘Real world’ benefits with examples shown using real-time sentiment, emotion prediction and automatic anomaly detection.

A great event, with great topics, industry experts and insight into the world of AI.

Would you like to accelerate your AI journey? If yes, then please get in touch here to speak to one our experts



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