"Coherent Optical Evolution"

Published: March 18, 2022 in ,

Innovation Martlesham (IM) was delighted to welcome Paul Momtahan, Director of Solutions Marketing at Infinera Corp as guest speaker of the March IM Breakfast Webinar to talk about "Coherent Optical Evolution".

Coherent optical technology has revolutionized DWDM transport, enabling wavelength speeds to go to 800 Gb/s with the latest embedded coherent optical engines and 400 Gb/s with coherent pluggables. Optical engines continue to evolve by leveraging photonic integration and the latest silicon technology.

Paul explored coherent technology enablers and explained how Infinera’s XR optics use advanced optical features and integrated systems-level functions to deliver a “virtual transponder” experience in compact pluggable form factors.

Watch the presentation again here.

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