IM Welcomes Tethir

Published: December 5, 2018 in

Tethir joins Innovation Martlesham - another great addition to our ecosystem.

Tethir is commercialising a breakthrough in wireless laser-based optical communication technology, known as Free Space Optics (FSO).  FSO products are typically sold into the military and markets such as inter-satellite communications but have been held back from more mainstream markets by impracticalities, including the size of the transceivers and the necessity to use tracking motors to maintain link alignment.  Tethir has made a fundamental breakthrough in FSO technology that removes these impracticalities.  The breakthrough can be applied in a number of ways, with the following elements traded off against each other: Bandwidth, power, link length, beam width, cost, size.  The initial focus is on developing small, low cost transceivers that transmit through windows, enabling network operators to connect new fixed wireless access customers quickly and without the need for tradesmen."

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