Innovation Martlesham Welcomes Accedian

Published: October 20, 2017 in

Accedian is excited to join the Innovation Martlesham technology cluster at Adastral Park.

We believe the exposure to other likeminded companies and the opportunity to be working closer with BT Research and Innovation teams will help refine and strengthen our lead as innovators and verified advisers in network and application performance assurance.

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As an example, it is recognized by many carriers and service providers today, that best-effort quality of service (QoS) is no longer a growth creator for them. On the other hand, quality of experience (QoE) has now become the prime differentiator between network operators. Accedian delivers unparalleled end-to-end network performance visibility, for total control over the best possible user experience. And now with more cloud based operations, small cells, 4.5G and 5G just around the corner, Service Providers fixed and mobile are realising the real value of a guaranteed customer experience. We also believe that Enterprises have started to demand from their service provider partners a need to go beyond meeting their SLAs and demonstrate in real time proof of performance. We believe this will be the new benchmark and the indicators from large Enterprises are that the early adopters will capture market share as a result.

“Having worked with BT for over ten years, I understand the importance of having  a presence on Adastral Park  in order to foster collaborative working relationship with  BT Research, TSO and other IM companies within the cluster. I believe some of Accedian’s recent innovations, especially our SkyLIGHT portfolio, will bring new ideas and propositions to help meet the challenge of delivering much faster and deterministic  networks at much lower cost points. “ Steve Colvin UK Sales Director.




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